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Vivanda Boréal Inc is a new company registered in 2020 under the laws of Quebec, Canada, and involved in the production of plant based products. The company is currently owned by a group of 20 shareholders, including the two founders, Pierre Yves Côté and Dominique Tremblay.

Pierre Yves Côté is the President and Co-Founder of Boreal Food Inc. Pierre has more than 20 years of experience in the start-up and development of companies engaged in the sectors of consumer goods, manufacturing, renewable energies and professional services. In the coffee industry, Pierre Yves Côté also has 10 years of experience in starting and operating coffee-related businesses, including 10 nurseries for the production of coffee plants, 4 coffee plantations, 3 coffee plants, coffee cherries processing, 1 coffee roasting plant, 1 packaging plant and 1 coffee machine manufacturing company. Mr. Côté has also set up a nationwide distribution network that includes 8 regional coffee service centers distributing coffee to more than 150 hotels, restaurants and cafeterias and 250 supermarkets. Mr. Côté was, from 2008 to 2018, President and Founder of Rocky Mountain Café Asia Pte Ltd, Rocky Mountain Café Holdings Inc, a fully integrated group of ten (10) companies involved in the production and distribution of coffee in the Philippines including the head office based in Singapore.

Dominique Tremblay is Director for Product Development and Co-Founder of Boreal Food Inc. Dominique is also the president / founder of Camerises Mistouk which has designed, developed and marketed more than 20 haskap-based products. Dominique Tremblay has more than 10 years of experience in the development of agrifood products for his company. His products have been recognized by food specialists such as Jean Soulard, Yohan Duroy and Philip Morisset. His company was even selected for the show "Les Dragons" in 2016 because of the quality of its products. His company and products have received several accolades including: 

- Hot Sauce La Métisse Le Guillemets Métis National Award, Winner

  at CTAQ 

- Boreal Spices Les Belles du Lac, winner of 2nd Prize at World Hot

  Sauce in Louisiana, USA

- Pepper and wild fruit jelly, 1st Prize Winner, Jam Category,

  at World Hot Sauce, in Louisiana, USA;

- Camerises Mistouk Winner of the best food company of the