Vivanda Boréal is a Canadian company, located in Lac-Saint-Jean, that manufactures and distributes plant-based food products.

Lac-Saint-Jean is a boreal region, located 200 km West of Quebec City, surrounded by agricultural producers recognized for their quality food products. The soils, the mountains of the boreal forest and the pristine waters of the watersheds of dozens of rivers and hundreds of lakes in the region allow our agricultural producers to cultivate ingredients of exceptional quality. Cultivation of fava beans, potatoes, flaxseed and hemp, cold-pressed canola oils and boreal spices are the basic ingredients that Vivanda Boreal uses to produce its plant-based products.


Vivanda is inspired by Latin which means the main course of a meal. Boréal is our northern territory where nature (soil, air, water) is still pristine, and not contaminated.



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